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BRTOS Reference manual available for download

BRTOS staff is pleased to announce the english version of the BRTOS reference manual. This manual provide a description of the main system settings, as well as tips on how to use each of the services available in BRTOS version 1.7x.

Download the manual: Reference Manual.pdf

  1. 14/06/2013 às 9:09

    Thanks! That docu helps non native portugese speaking persons a lot. I used the 1.64 Version of BRTOS on a RX62n since some time. I downloaded the 1.70 branch for RX62 just yesterday. Although the 1.64 worked without issues immediatly, I have an issue with not working DHCP on the 1.70 branch, not solved yet. I will look into that issues the following week..

    • 20/06/2013 às 14:53

      Hi Gregor,

      I´m very pleased that you liked the reference manual. However, it is a little bit strange that BRTOS 1.7x had presented some issues with the RX62 DHCP demo. The problem may be related to other added tasks, such as the USB and SD card. I really don´t know. If you discover anything, please feel free to contact me.

      Best regards

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